• Tank Capacity 2.8 Litres
  • Type Compatible with Propane
  • Droplet Size 5 – 30 microns
  • Net Weight 1.7 kg
  • Dimensions 61 x 17.5 x 40 cm

What Can This Fogger Do ?

Mini fogger…VectorFog® Mini Foggers are powered by standard propane or butane gas cartridge. The water or oil dilutant is heated and then the chemical is added at the last moment to create a fog or mist. Features include a 2.8 Litre tank, a flow rate of 2 LPH, and a strap for portability.

The Mini fogger is ideal for fogging pesticides and disinfectants in locations with no access to electricity including patios, parks, silos, chicken coops, and greenhouses.

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Our thermal fogger produces thick fog that is easily visible. The mist may be of grey or white color. It helps you monitor the flow of moisture and control the flow so that it can easily reach the desired area. It also reduces the risks of accidents, as the fog is visible, and the fogger can avoid tracking. We are the best portable thermal foggers suppliers in Canada, the name that you can trust. Thermal foggers have tiny droplets and the highest droplet density. Vector fog is the portable thermal foggers supplier in Canada on which you can easily rely. It sprays more insecticide and uses less energy. If you are looking for thermal foggers manufacturers in Ontario, vector fog is ever ready to help you. Vector fog thermal foggers manufacturers assure you of the best quality and reliability.