Our SF thermal foggers are designed for the application of water and oil based solutions. Thanks to their unique and patented Dual-PointTM inlet technology, our foggers are one of the most versatile and durable foggers in the market today. Simply turn a valve to switch between water and oil based fogging. So, if you are in search of the Thermal Foggers Manufacturers in Ontario, we are the best choice.

VECTORFOG® provide SF technology & Dual-Point TM inlet technology patented thermal foggers with options including portable fog machine, bike/truck mounted and trolley mounted machine. With its spray distance, our thermal fogger can be best when operated as outdoor fog machine and yard fogger. Our SF thermal foggers are designed for the application of water and oil based solutions, and this will be the best fogger machine for fumigation. You can increase your pest control experience by considering stainless steel option for applying more corrosive chemicals. We are the Portable Thermal Foggers Suppliers in Canada that you have been looking for.

High-Quality Mini Portable Thermal Fogger Suppliers are in search demand nowadays. After the Covid ’19 pandemic world is moving towards new disinfecting techniques and cleaning the spaces, Gyms, play areas, workspaces that need detailed cleanliness as at these places, people from different classes interact with each other. Vector fog is the Best Quality Mini Portable Thermal Fogger Distributor and can help you get the best equipment that can disinfect the area intensely. This need for change has brought variety in disinfecting machines; Mini Portable Thermal Fogger Manufacturers have made these foggers for clearing out all the microorganisms that can be harmful to human health. In classrooms, under the tables, where ordinary foggers cannot reach easily, these portable foggers can be used and are very effective. Thermal foggers can use both oil and water-based insecticides, which can help you in disinfecting the area properly. In addition, it has high droplet density and small particles, which makes it even more efficient. Therefore, if you want the High-Quality Mini Portable Thermal Fogger Suppliers, you can trust vector fog in this matter. Thermal foggers produce thick grey or fog that is easy to track and monitor. These foggers show the natural moisture that makes you feel the deal is accurate, and you are getting some solution for your worries. Vector Fog Min Portable Thermal Fogger Manufacturer makes sure to provide you the best quality fogger that you can use in spaces where it is not easy to reach with standard equipment. But, of course, if you want one, you can always get in touch.

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